Andhra Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

*Tentative timings of operations - MONDAY to SATURDAY
Flights Departure Arrival Fares (INR)
Jaipur to Sri Ganganagar05:00 06:30 2499
Sri Ganganagar to Jaipur06:45 08:15 2499
Jaipur to Jodhpur08:30 09:45 3499
Jodhpur to Jaipur10:00 11:15 3498
Jaipur to Bikaner11:30 12:30 2499
Bikaner to Jaipur12:45 13:45 2499
*Tentative timings of operations - MONDAY to SATURDAY
Flights Departure Arrival Fares (INR)
Jaipur to Kota 14:00 14:45 2499
Kota to Jaipur 15:00 15:45 2499
Jaipur to Jodhpur 16:00 17:15 3499
Jodhpur to Jaipur 17:30 18:45 3498
Jaipur to Udaipur 19:30 20:45 3499
Udaipur to Jaipur 21:00 22:15 3499


Supreme Airlines has chosen the world renown Cessna Grand Caravan Aircraft for connecting tier-2 and tier-3 cities of India. Offering luxurious interiors in OASIS configuration, club seats with ample leg space, limited to 8/9 passengers making it truly Supreme class. Supreme Airlines Cessna Caravans fly at an average speed of 150 Nautical Miles (280 kms/hr). Maximum takeoff weight being 3995 kgs, usable weight in such Cessna Caravan is approximately 1900 kgs. With non-stop flying range of 2000 kms, Supreme's Caravan is apt for connecting India. Click here to know more about Cessna Grand Caravan.
Please call us on +91 9833664669 / 9870811224 or email us on info@supremeairlines.com for any queries.

Book a Supreme Charter

Now flying with your family, business colleagues and friends has become affordable with Supreme Charters. If you are a group of 8/9 passengers planning for optimum utilization of your time and resources, Supreme offers the most apt charter aircraft for your trip. More than 8/9 passengers can also be accommodated in multiple Cessna Caravan aircrafts operated by Supreme Charters. Indulge in the most luxurious Oasis interiors of Supreme Charters with 8/9 club configured seating, extra leg space and deluxe arrangements. We can arrange an aircraft for you in less than 2 hours advance notice. Supreme Charters can fly literally from/to 300 aerodromes spread across India. Please call us on +91 9833664669 / 9870811224 or email us on info@supremeairlines.com to get quotes and details.

Be a pilot

Every child dreams of being an airline Pilot. We give wings and fulfill those dreams at Supreme Aviation. If you have already decided to be a pilot, train with the World's best flight training academy – SUPREME AVIATION! Being an airline pilot has never been so easy. If you are medically fit, if you can speak, write and understand English, leave the rest on us and we shall clear your dreams for take-off. From ZERO experience to an Airline Pilot, within 6 months you shall obtain your FAA Commercial Pilot's License with Supreme Aviation! It costs about US$40,000 equivalent to Rs. 20 Lakhs to become an airline pilot. With Supreme you may also have a job assured to fly as a first officer in one of our Cessna Caravan. Please click on www.supremeaviation.com/ads to know more or call us on +91 9870811224 with your queries.

Supreme Cargo

You have a parcel to move in short time? There is no other air-cargo service available? Other options to move cargo take more than 24 hours. Sometimes more than 2 days. So book a Supreme Cargo and leave the rest to us. We can FLY your sensitive cargo to virtually anywhere in India, in minimum time. If we don't fly, we shall drive it on our massive fleet of trucks and trailers available across India. Since 1983 Supreme Aviation Inc. has been moving millions of tons of cargo across India. With a dense network of more than 60 offices, fleet of more than 200 commercial vehicles and a dedicated team of more than 1000 employees, Supreme is now a leading intermodal transport company of India. Please visit www.supremeaircargo.com or call +91 9833664669 / 9870811224 to move your cargo.

Aircraft Sales

Do you know you can buy an airplane for less than Rs. 90 Lakhs? Do you know you can maintain an aircraft with all inclusive costs such as insurance, parking, pilots and others for less than Rs. 10 Lakhs per year? Do you know you can fly in your own airplane any where in India, just like your car? Do you know your airplane flies 3 times faster than your car, and air distances are 70% less compared to road distance? Buy an aircraft and change the league of people around you, traveling with you. Please call on +91 9870811224 to buy an aircraft or email us on info@supremeairlines.com.

Route Map

Supreme Airlines in association with the State Government of Rajasthan is connecting tier-2 and tier-3 cities within and outside Rajasthan. Supreme Airlines is currently operating daily flights between
Jaipur to Jodhpur to Jaipur
Jaipur to Kota to Jaipur
Jaipur to Bikaner to Jaipur
Jaipur to Udaipur to Jaipur
Ahmedabad to Jodhpur to Ahmedabad
Jodhpur to Jaisalmer to Jodhpur
Supreme Airlines shall soon connect
Jodhpur to Udaipur to Jodhpur
Udaipur to Indore to Udaipur
Bhilwara to Delhi to Bhilwara
Delhi to Kota to Delhi
Delhi to Ranthambore to Delhi
Delhi to Kishangarh to Delhi
Delhi to Barmer to Delhi
Sri Ganganagar to Delhi to Sri Ganganagar
Sri Ganganagar to Jaipur to Sri Ganganagar