About Us

Supreme Airlines is an aviation foray of the Supreme Group. It operates under the brand Supreme Airlines. Supreme Airlines is India's first and only one of its kind commuter airline connecting tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns with each other, through regular flight services.

In phase-1 Supreme Airlines started operations from state of Rajasthan in association with Department of Civil Aviation, govt of Rajasthan connecting 12 cities of the state with each other, flying 4 Cessna caravan C208B aircraft's.

In phase-2 Supreme Airlines shall connect 8 cities of Madhya Pradesh with 4 cities outside Madhya Pradesh flying 2 Cessna caravan aircraft.

In phase-3 expansion shall take place in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka followed by phase-4 in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Phase-5 shall be another bigger phase to connect 12 cities of Uttar Pradesh with each other followed by phase-6 in Bihar and jharkhand.

Phase-7 shall see flights across West Bengal, Odisha and Chattisgarh.

Supreme Airlines aims to connect 200 cities and towns of India with each other flying 50 Cessna caravan aircraft's in next 5 years.