About Us

Supreme Airlines is India's first and only one of its kind commuter airline connecting tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns with each other, through regular flight services.

In phase-1 Supreme Airlines started operations from state of Rajasthan in association with Department of Civil Aviation, govt of Rajasthan connecting 12 cities of the state with each other, flying 4 Cessna caravan C208B aircraft's.

In phase-2 Supreme Airlines shall connect 8 cities of Madhya Pradesh with 4 cities outside Madhya Pradesh flying 2 Cessna caravan aircraft.

In phase-3 expansion shall take place in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka followed by phase-4 in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Phase-5 shall be another bigger phase to connect 12 cities of Uttar Pradesh with each other followed by phase-6 in Bihar and jharkhand.

Phase-7 shall see flights across west Bengal, odisha and Chattisgarh.

Supreme Airlines aims to connect 200 cities and towns of india with each other flying 50 Cessna caravan aircraft's in next 5 years.